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Bulk Flow Analyst | Chute Edition

Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition (formerly Chute Analyst™) was developed to simulate the flow of bulk material through stationary transfer chutes. Users of the Chute Edition can gain valuable insight into the performance of a chute in terms of plugging, on-center belt loading, spillage, and other flow behaviors. Users can build DEM models interactively with AutoCAD or import specially-prepared DXF files. With an optional 3D module, DEM models can be built directly on 3D data imported from virtually any 3D CAD system. If the user has SolidWorks, a free add-in is offered allowing the user to build models directly within the SolidWorks environment.

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Bulk Flow Analyst

Bulk Flow Analyst™ extends the capabilities of the Chute Edition, enabling the simulation of sticky particles and structures, the use of moving system components (such as mixer blades, screens, gates, etc.), and the analysis of particle forces placed upon the system. These features allow Bulk Flow Analyst™ to perform simulations of systems and particle conditions that cannot be addressed using the capabilities within Chute Edition. With Bulk Flow Analyst™ users are able to make a greater number of important decisions about system performance.

Conveyor 7 Chute Analysis

Benefits of CE:

  • Identify common chute flow issues:
    • plugging
    • off-center belt loading
    • material loss

Benefits of BFA:

  • All the benefits of CE, plus:
    • Identify regions of severe wear
    • Characertise wider range of materials, including stickiness
    • Analyse performance of systems with moving components such as screw conveyors, gates, or bucket elevators
    • Analyse performance of systems with unique performance requirements such as mixers