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Explicit Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction

Dytran is an explicit finite element analysis (FEA) solution for analysing complex nonlinear behaviour involving permanent deformation of structures. Dytran enables you to study the structural integrity of designs to ensure that final products stand a better chance of meeting customer safety, reliability, and regulatory requirements.

Dytran Graphic Dytran delivers a structural, material flow and coupled FSI capabilities in a single package. Dytran’s explicit nonlinear solver technology is ideal for extreme, short-duration events and allows you simulate models that involve high degree of nonlinearities – material, geometric and boundary condition nonlinearities. Dytran uses
a unique coupling feature that enables integrated analysis of structural components with fluids and highly deformed materials in one continuous simulation.

Capabilities include:

  • Transient event simulation;

  • Fluid-structure interaction;

  • High performance computing.