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Multidiscipline Multibody Dynamics

MD (MultiDiscipline) Adams is a mechanical systems analysis software built on MSC’s multidiscipline (MD)
CAE framework. MD Adams integrates mechanical components, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, and
control systems technologies to enable engineers to build and test virtual prototypes that accurately account
for the interactions between these subsystems.

MD Adams GraphicMD Adams improves engineering efficiency and reduces product development costs by enabling early
system-level design validation. Engineers can evaluate and manage the complex interactions between disciplines including motion, structures, actuation, and controls to better optimize product designs for performance, safety, and comfort. Along with extensive analysis capabilities, MD Adams is optimized for
large-scale problems, taking advantage of high performance computing environments.

Capabilities include:

  • Multidiscipline mechanical system simulation

  • Modeling

  • Vehicle design & testing

  • Flexible body integration

  • Durability analysis improves product quality

  • Vibration analysis made easy