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Integrated, Multidiscipline CAE Solution

MD (MultiDiscipline) Nastran is an integrated simulation system with a broad set of multidiscipline analysis capabilities based on proven CAE technologies. MD Nastran enables product manufacturers to simulate everything from a single part to complex assemblies and carry out a diverse set of virtual tests. By providing
a single platform for a wide range of applications, MD Nastran offers cost savings and efficiencies across engineering CAE teams.

MD Nastran GraphicMD Nastran can be used for multiple CAE discipline studies including multi-physics analysis. In addition to
all the capabilities of MSC.Nastran, MD Nastran offers a complete set of nonlinear analysis capabilities in
both implicit and explicit solution technology, thermal and exterior acoustics and also the coupling analysis between various disciplines such as thermal structural and fluid structure interaction. This enables organizations to realize the benefits of a single solution without sacrificing performance, accuracy or
solution capabilities

Capabilities include:

  • Scalable solution based on MSC Nastran foundation

  • Multidiscipline analysis for improved efficiency

  • Multidiscipline optimization

  • Multiphysics for enhanced accuracy

  • Integrated pre/post processing support

  • Partner technologies