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phx ModelCenter 9.0

Improve competitiveness and reduce product development costs.

Enhance workflow automation. Integrate high fidelity CAE software. Accelerate multi-run trade studies. Wrap any command line based simulation intuitively.

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Desktop Trade Studies

ModelCenter® 9.0 by Phoenix Integration is a graphical environment for process integration and design automation that supports your entire product development team. It allows you to lower cost and reduce product development time. With PHX ModelCenter, you can quickly create an engineering process and then explore the design space to find the best design. PHX ModelCenter is adaptable, and works well with groups whose design processes change frequently.

Release Features

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New, Enhanced Capabilities

Design processes can involve diverse sets of in-house and commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) modeling and simulation tools that were not designed to communicate with each other—this makes them particularly difficult to automate. With the new Process Modeling Features in PHX ModelCenter you can graphically combine engineering analyses together with logic, looping, and branching constructs to create hierarchical and reusable flowchart-like engineering processes. Once created, these processes can be automated, and used to perform trade studies, answer “what-if” questions, reduce errors, and standardize and share common repeatable processes across the organization.

PHX ModelCenter’s CAE Solver Plug-In Suite allows users to quickly wrap high fidelity CAE software, perform detailed design optimization and validation, and conduct multiple trade studies efficiently and effectively. The integration of CAE solvers into PHX ModelCenter is performed using an intuitive visual environment and does not involve any tedious programming.

The powerful suite of design trade-off study tools offered in PHX ModelCenter perform parametric studies, Design of Experiments (DOE), Response Surface Modeling (RSM), gradient and non-gradient based optimization, and design results visualization. The recently enhanced RSM Toolkit 2.0 allows you to replace long running analyses with quick running approximate models (Response Surface Models), thus enabling faster multi-run trade studies such as optimization and Monte Carlo analysis.


Better Designs

PHX ModelCenter gives you powerful tools to inspect designs and find weaknesses. Correcting these weaknesses early in the design process can save corporations millions. Trade studies within PHX ModelCenter help you and your team find optimal solutions with lower weight, higher performance, and more robustness in the design.

Reduces Errors

Manual data translation and linking is costly and error-prone. Automating this step in the design process helps reduce mistakes.

Saves Time

PHX ModelCenter eliminates the manual transfer of data between applications, thereby reducing design cycle time. With that "extra" time, you can evaluate more design alternatives which results in a better final product.

Cohesive Team Environment

Your team of engineers can use PHX ModelCenter to coordinate data and share design applications over a network of computers. Design data that used to be sent via fax, email, or ftp can now be linked automatically through PHX ModelCenter.

Easy to Deploy

PHX ModelCenter integrates seamlessly with existing applications used by your entire team.