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VI-CarRealTime Graphic"We had a very bad time at a race this year. The interesting thing is that using VI-CarRealTime we are confident we know what our problems are. They are not easy problems to solve but simulation gives us pointers on where to focus our efforts for next year".

--Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Major IRL Team 

VI-CarRealTime provides a vehicle simulation environment where thesame simplified vehicle model can be used by vehicle dynamics and controls engineers to optimize vehicle and control system performance. By using VI-CarRealTime Vehicle Dynamics engineers can quickly and easily perform large Design of Experiments (DOE) and multi-objective optimization studies. VI-CarRealTime users can automatically export a realtime vehicle model directly from ADAMS / Car™ and it shares component property files such as tires, springs, dampers, and bumpstops with ADAMS / Car™ and ADAMS / Chassis™. VI-CarRealTime provides validated models which can be used by controls and hydraulic engineers to optimize the controller design based on accurate vehicle performance. VI-CarRealTime can be integrated with Matlab Simulink for controls systems.

Benefits of VI-CarRealTime 

  • Determine subsystem targets quickly and possibly automated

  • Perform optimization studies of driving performance. Ideal for large scale DOEs.

  • Analyze design changes much faster and at a lower cost than physical prototype testing would require.

  • Perform virtual driving tests (standard or customized) of your vehicle and study a variety of operational scenarios even faster then with traditional approach

  • Control engineers and vehicle dynamicists use same driving tests, tires and roads

  • Easy exchange of data between engineering teams

  • No switching between disparate, unconnected models while traversing through the design process

  • Use validated plant models derived from the detailed models

VI-CarRealTime helps to reduce the time spent in the different engineering teams to obtain and prepare essentially the same data. It also improves the consistency of the engineering approach while providing state of the art technology. The Investment pays-off because it can be leveraged by many different teams including HIL engineers.

Applications for VI-CarRealTimeVI-CarRealTime Graphic

  • Real-time vehicle simulation 

  • Software-in-the-loop 

  • DOE and Optimization 

  • Fuel Consumption 

  • Hardware-in-the-loop 

  • Competitive vehicle assessment 

  • Driving simulator