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VI-DriveSimis a new product line from VI-grade which provides automotive OEMs and racing teams with a complete set of innovative, integrated driving simulators for a new generation approach to system-level simulation. Driving simulators allow companies to bridge the gap between virtual prototyping and testing.


is available in two different configurations: static and dynamic. In the static configuration, users have the possibility to drive a virtual vehicle model based on VI-CarRealTime, visualizing vehicle behaviour on a wide screen with unprecedented high quality graphics while sitting on a cockpit. Cockpit is not controlled and does not move according to car manoeuvres. The dynamic configuration provides motion feedback to the driver thanks to an innovative six-degrees-of-freedom moving
platform with reduced overall dimensions, but relatively large
travels. VI-DriveSim allows seamless combination of any source of real-time signals and combines tradition..

VI-DriveSim is powered by VI-CarRealTime


VI-DriveSim - Limit Handling on typical ISOLC manouverA new vehicle development process

“The strategies for developing efficient control systems for vehicle handling and ride are becoming every day more complex and they influence even the conceptual design phase. Differently from aircraft, ground vehicle require continuous driver control. It is becoming essential to assess hybrid test platforms which could provide to the driver real-time perception cues as if they came from real vehicle”
Major European Automotive OEM

Nowadays, vehicle development for best handling & comfort is becoming more and more complex and is involving several different disciplines. This is why automakers are introducing a new hybrid step in the complex assessment process between virtual prototyping and vehicle on-road testing. One fundamental component of this concept is provided by introducing the human in the development loop at an earlier stage: VI-DriveSim is the right solution for testing virtual vehicle missions with a real driver who can get a "feeling" of the car behavior by driving a highly accurate digital surrogate in a realistic environment. 

VI-DriveSim is developed in collaboration with Ansible Motion.


VI-grade, together with Ansible Motion, provides an unprecedented compact turnkey solution for Excellent Driving
Simulation Quality. VI-DriveSim is formed by several different components: software, hardware and

  • Revolutionary motion platform
  • State-of-the-art vehicle model and data based on
  • Motion Cueing Algorithms
  • Graphics and sounds
  • Control feedback actuators
  • Virtual model development and tuning
  • On-site installation and training

VI-DriveSim is based on a new six DOF architecture that, in a reduced space, provides movement and acceleration performances suitable to model both commercial vehicles and racing cars. X, Y and Yaw degrees of freedom are completely decoupled, while Roll, Pitch and Heave movements are coupled with each other. This architecture makes it easier to debug models.

VI-DriveSim model


VI-DriveSim introduces a new way of approaching vehicle development programs and race cars optimization
activities. It opens up also possibilities for brand new applications.

  • Vehicle handling and control system development
  • Software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop and real-time applications
  • Ergonomics and haptics
  • Human multisensorial perception
  • Driving education and safety
  • Entertainment