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ZW3D-mould-dye-graphicZW3D 2010 SP1 Professional includes all of the functionalities of ZW3D 2010 SP1 Standard with a full set of tools for mold & die makers and Reverse Engineering module.

Built on the ZW3D OverdriveTM kernel that works seamlessly with solids and surfaces, tool & die designers can get right to work, saving hours by eliminating model repair time and automating routine tasks.

  • Automatic and manual parting lines creation

  • Real-time draft and curvature analysis

  • Direct face and feature editing works on solids and non-solids

  • Automatic and manual parting and shutoff face creation

  • Insert and Slide creation

  • Cooling channels

  • Standard mold base library

"ZW3D handles organic forms so well." Guidant Corp.

As with parting lines, ZW3D 2010 SP1 Professional can automate core cavity removal. A couple of quick mouse clicks can handle the entire process. ZW3D 2010 SP1 Professional includes powerful commands for constructing a wide-range of parting and run-out faces for gauge, fixture, and die designers.

Users work associatively or non-associatively through the design process, from the imported file to the final assembly and details. Changes to customer files are easily assimilated into your existing designs.

With the electrode wizard, ZW3D 2010 SP1 Professional speeds creation of the mold electrode that automatically handles electrode offset. Our unique planar option burns the electrode nation for all those up to 40 percent faster than other methods.

  • Fast electrode design

  • Electrode blanks and automatic trode assemblies

  • Associative trode tables and detailing

With Reverse Engineering (Point Cloud) functionality, you can generate and modify complex 3D models quickly from existing physical parts. It's all built into ZW3D, designers can scan and repair old tooling quickly. This provides for a very strong combination that designs complex molds and dies.

Product Detail

Automate Your Mould and Die Design

  • Work with open shapes – healing not required

  • Import and split parts in seconds

  • Instant backdraft analysis

  • Direct editing of open or closed shapes.

    • Offset faces, change hole sizes

    • Remove and replace features,
      individual face editing.

  • Automatic and interactive parting
    creation and editing tools

    • Parting lines

    • Parting and run out surfaces

    • Shutoff surfaces

    • Parting surface relief

  • Standard Mold bases and component library

  • Independent scaling in X,Y,Z

  • Draft creation including split draft at parting curves

  • Automatic and interactive core/cavity (Punch/Die) separation

  • Electrode wizard and tables

  • Slide and insert design

  • Instant stock creation

  • In context modeling speeds design of assembly specific components

  • Show-n-Tell™ - A Virtual 3D Book
    (tutorials & authoring tools)

Design Better Products

  • Hybrid solid and surfaces modeling kernel

  • Advanced parametric solid modeling

    • Reduce sketching with QuickShape™ and ReadySketch™

    • Open shape modeling

    • Design Freedom

  • Advanced Class A surface modeling

    • Extraordinary Lofts, Sweeps, & Domes

    • Complete Shape Morphing

    • Raster Image Embossing (jpg, tiff, etc)

    • Surface control and editing

  • Advanced 3D wire frame modeling

  • Convert an image into a sketch for 3D modeling

  • Sheet metal design

  • Advanced assembly modeling

    • Top Down

    • In place assembly modeling

    • Alternate parts and assembly configurations

    • Exploded views

    • Assembly patterns

  • Motion Simulation

    • Interference Analysis

    • AVI export

  • Interference Checking

  • Model repair & healing

  • Reverse engineering point cloud surfacing

    • Point cloud/STL surfacing

    • STL Slicing and tessellation

    • Accurate point decimation

  • Design Optimizer - Automatic iterative rules-based solver.

  • 2D Layout & Drafting

    • Section Views, Detail Views, Aux. Views

    • Complete dimensioning and annotation

    • Assembly BOM and Ballooning

  • Industry standard CAD formats support


  • PARTsolutions interface

  • Show-n-Tell™ - A Virtual 3D Book
    (tutorials & authoring tools)

  • Real-Time Design Checking

    • Back-draft, curvature and minimum radius checking

  • Real-time texture mapping

  • Photo-realistic rendering (POV Ray)

    • Light sources, shadows, reflections

    • Image Mapping

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