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About ZW3D

ZW3D is cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, which takes engineers from concept to finished product in one easy-to-use, single collaborative environment. Supported by its Show-n-Tell™ built-in learning system, ZW3D includes data exchange to allow efficient reuse and sharing of designs, hybrid modeling with its unique Overdrive™ kernel, mold and die design with cavity preparation tools and component libraries, and intelligent, adaptive CNC machining from 2-axis through to 5-axis.

ZW3D is now available in Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish(Spain) and Turkish.

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Powerful Data Exchange

  • Directly read many 3D CAD software formats, such as NX, SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, and Inventor.
  • Support 3D exchange standards, including DWG, STEP, IGES, ACIS, DXF, Parasolid, SAT, and STL.
  • Export models in PDF and raster images.

Productive Hybrid Modeling with Direct Edit

  • Seamlessly work with 3D solid, surface, and wireframe models.
  • Enjoy design flexibility with hybrid modeling.
  • Quickly and easily edit all imported geometry through direct edit.
  • Generate smooth surfaces with freeform surfacing and dynamic shape morphing.

Flexible Assembly Design

  • Deal easily with large assemblies using ZW3D Burst™ technology.
  • Validate and animate assemblies with built-in motion simulation.
  • Simplify design work with a large amount of standard parts from PartSolutions™ library.

Fast 2D Sheet Production

  • Quickly lay out drawing views, add dimensions, and generate BOM tables.
  • Instantly create associative sections and detail views.
  • Access built-in translators for leading CAD formats.

Whole-process Mold Design

  • Split any 3D model, not just solid models.
  • Rapidly create parting lines and faces, cores, and cavities using a variety of flexible methods.
  • Employ many kinds of standard mold bases, such as DME, HASCO, LKM, and MISUM.
  • Speed up preparation time through multiple electrode extraction.

Efficient 2-5X Milling and Turning

    Increase machining efficiency with integrated CAD.
  • Dramatically reduce programming time through automatic hole tactics.
  • Generate powerful milling functions with 2-axis to 5-axis machines.
  • Improve productivity by 30% through QuickMill™ technology's efficient roughing, rest-roughing, and quality of milled surfaces.
  • Employ the new turning module.


What's new in ZW3D 2012?

Enhanced User Interface

Enhanced User Interface offers the all-new ribbon, right-click menus, customizable UI, faster display, and more


Simplied design process allows customers to customize the user interface to suit the way they work.

Expanded Translation

Expanded Translation includes native STEP import and new STEP, SAT, PDF and image export.


Improved quality of translation allows customers to communicate more easily with clients.

Refined Modeling

Refined Modeling builds on upgraded direct edit, enhanced extrude and revolve, smart rib, sheet metal new functions, and more.


Intuitive direct edit allows customers to directly select edges and surfaces, then drag to edit.

Improved Sketching and Drafting

Improved Sketching and Drafting provide new constraint types, linked views, drag-to-move, and more.


Clearer sketching allows customers to see and edit their 2D sketches more clearly and efficiently.

New Whole-process for Mold Design

New Whole-process for Mold Design offers parting line, parting face, core and cavity, mold base, electrodes and more.


Brand-new mold design module allows customers to semi-automate the design of molds from ZW3D models.

Better Machining

Better Machining provides new 2-axis turning, new 2-axis milling Topface cut operation, new undercut operation for 3-axis milling, and more.


Improved machining options allow customers to generate efficient CNC code more quickly.

Download the 'What's New' PDF File Here (5.94mB)


Key Features

Consumer Products

  • Hybrid modeling speeds up design by effortlessly mixing solids and surfaces.
  • Direct edit easily modifies any geometry.
  • Powerful morphing creates amazing shapes.
  • Work directly with STL, point data, and more.
" In the past, things would have taken weeks to design - now it's only a matter of hours. "

Mark Williams
Johnstone Safety Products

Mold Design

  • Easily split solids and open geometry saves preparation time.
  • Flexibility in choosing from a variety of methods for creating cores and cavities.
  • Provide standard mold bases and parts, such as DME and Hasco.
  • All-in-one CAD/CAM system.
" With ZW3D we get 3D design, moldmaking and CNC machining in one package "

Mark Nardelli
Newport Tool & Die


  • Offer affordable 2-5X milling and 2X turning module.
  • QuickMill™ improves productivity with reusable milling and multithread calculations.
  • Automatic feature recognition saves up to 70% time.
  • Smooth tool paths and adaptive feed rate lengthen tool life by up to 50%.
" Using ZW3D benefits us & our clients as we raise the bar of quality standards higher..."

Craig Hillinger
The Healey Werks


  • Built-in reverse engineering easily deals with point data, STL, and more.
  • Productive modeling features include morphing, direct edit, and 3D sketching.
  • ZW3D Burst™ technology easily accesses huge data files.
  • All-in-one CAD/CAM system.
" ZW3D handles organic forms so well. "

David Wolf-Bloom
Guidant Corp

Mechanical Design

  • TransMagic and PartSolutions are included to increase efficiency.
  • Flexible assemblies with Burst™ technology.
  • Integrated collision detection and motion checking.
" ZW3D offered the functionality required at a fraction of the cost. "

Lyn Bodger
Stone Maganese

Product Design

Built-in Tutorials

  • Built-in Show-n-Tell™ tutorials act like 3D books, and so shorten learning curve and reduce training costs.
  • New ribbon interface offers optimized workflow in a familiar environment.

Data Exchange

  • Read and edit 3D models from CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Creo, and Inventor.
  • Support many standard formats, including STEP, IGES, ACIS, DWG, DXF, Parasolid, SAT, and STL.
  • Export models as PDF and raster images.

Hybrid Modelling

  • Seamlessly work with 3D solid, surface, and wireframe models.
  • Provide total control over surface curvature and smoothing of surfaces.
  • Dynamically morph any shape.
  • Greater exibility makes designing more enjoyable.

Direct Edit

  • Effectively edit both open and closed models.
  • Productively combine direct edit and parametric modeling.
  • Enhance speed and exibility through direct modeling, making design work faster and more efficient

Assembly Design

  • Deal easily with large assemblies using ZW3D Burst™ technology.
  • Validate and animates assemblies with built-in motion simulation.
  • Simplify design work with a large amount of standard parts from PartSolutions™ library.

Reverse Engineering

  • Work with STL, point cloud, and scan data to build surfaces and 3D models.
  • Prepare models for CNC machining by refining meshes, building surfaces, and repairing gaps.
  • Support 3D printers.

2D Sheet

  • Automatically create 2D associative views.
  • Project views and create detail views, dimensions, and BOM tables quickly.
  • Access built-in translators for leading CAD formats.


Mold Design


  • Split solids, and opens geometry in seconds, without healing models.
  • Automatically or manually create parting lines and faces.
  • Provide a wide range of methods for creating cores and cavities, including parting line and face definition methods.
  • Effortlessly remove cores and cavities.

Mold Base

  • Support many kinds of standard mold bases, such as Hasco and DME.
  • Easily add standard parts through built-in mold libraries, such as screws, locating rings, ejector pins, and cooling systems.
  • Conveniently modify mold base and components at any time.


  • Speed up preparation time with multiple electrode extraction for die sinking operations.
  • Automatically create electrode tables, including electrode origin information.


  • Streamline communication through fast creation of 2D layout and detail drawings.
  • Automatically generate BOM tables and hole tables.


CNC Machining

Seamless Data Connection

  • All-in-one CAD/CAM system
  • Changes in geometry automatically update CNC programming output
  • Directly import and cut any geometry, including STL files and point cloud data.

2X Turning

  • Easy-to-use quick calculations of tool paths.
  • Support OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, and more.

2X and 5X Hole Machining

  • Automatically generate 2X and 5X hole tactics, saves time by 70%.
  • Provide a complete and intelligent solution for hole-machining.

2X and 3X Milling

  • Automate 2X and 3X milling tactics with feature recognition and machining.
  • Improve productivity by 30% through QuickMill� technology with re-use milling, adaptive federate control, and minimal air cutting.
  • Lengthen tool life by up to 50% with progressive machining strategies.
  • Produce uniform and high quality surface nishes with high speed machining

5X Milling

  • 5-axis tool path strategies oer a wide range of options to the programmer, such as plane cuts, which keep the tool perpendicular to the surface, and swarf cuts, which keep the side of the tool in contact with the surface.

Maximize Productivity

  • Maximize PC capabilities and improves work eciency through multithreaded calculation
  • Support visualization of assembly environments, collision checking, calculation of minimum tool lengths, and more.
  • Provide an easy-to-customize built-in post processor.
  • Dynamically simulate the display of residual material with bands of color.


Why ZW3D? Compare Versions


ZW3D 2012

SmoothFlow Direct Edit and Quick Edit Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced  
ZW3D Kernel with Sketching & QuickShapes Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced  
Hybrid 3D Shape & Feature Modeling  
Show-n-Tell™ Built-in Tutorials  
Translators for IGES, STEP, DWG/DXF, VDA, STL Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced  
Directly open, edit and save 3D models from Catia, Inventor, NX, Pro/E, Solidworks and ACIS Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced  
2D Detailing, Sections, Details/Bom & Hole Tables Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced  
Geometry Healing  
Freeform Class-A Surfacing & Shape Morphing      
Expert Assembly & Motion      
Design Optimiser, Compare RealView & Checking      
Links to FEA, PDM, CMM and Macro Recorder      
Integrated Parts Solutions Library Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced      
Reverse Engineering - Point Cloud        
Core Cavity QuickSplit, Parting Lines & Surfaces   Enhanced Enhanced      
Basic Mold Base Library   Enhanced Enhanced      
Cooling Channels, Slides, Inserts & Electrodes   Enhanced Enhanced      
2-Axis Turning     New New New  
2-Axis Milling     Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced  
Hole Making      
Auto-feature Tactics      
3-Axis Surface Milling        
QuickMill™ High Speed Milling     Enhanced   Enhanced  
SmoothFlow Adaptive, Feedrate Control        
CAM Folder     New New New New
Auto Assign Speed Feed Table     New New New New
ZW3D Post Processor    
CNC Output Manager    
Solid Verification    
4 & 5 Axis Machining    

ZW3D 2012

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