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ZWCAD 2012 drives your design

ZWCAD is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution for the AEC and MCAD industries. With basic drafting functionalities such as creating and editing 2D geometric objects, dimensioning, 3D solid modelling, plotting and file sharing, ZWCAD also provides innovative, collaborative and customisable features to enhance your efficiency, such as design center, tool palettes and customisation via APIs.

The unrivalled compatibility and friendly user interface lets users begin working with ZWCAD immediately with little to no training. ZWCAD is popular in over 80 countries with more than 180,000 users, and available in 15 different languages including Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

" The similarity to AutoCAD is the biggest advantage... ZWCAD meets our requirements. Without it, I don't think we could get more business or complete more work faster. The reasonable price of ZWCAD software is a significant contribution to our profitability."



Jerzy Mydlarz
Managing Director

900+ Improvements

Match your design needs.

Abundance of new features and improvements empower ZWCAD 2012; ECW images support, dimension to region object, one step to PDF plotter, automatic fraction stacking, higher definition PDF plotter, etc.

Remarkable Drafting & Detailing tools

Visualize you ideas.

Powerful 2D and 3D drafting and detailing features, such as Parametric Drawing, In-place MTEXT Editor, Table, Field, MLeader, Design Center, Tool Palettes, Sweep, Loft, Solprof, Hide, Share and render etc.

Flexible Management Systems

Maximise your design resources.

Plenty of tools produce flexibility: View ports, zoom, pan and aerial view simplify viewing; Layer Properties Manager controls objects' properties with ease; Multiple Tabs let you switch between drawing quickly.

Seamless Collaboration of Design

Exchange through flexible drawing publishing.

Read, write and share industry file format .dwg; integrated JPEG, PNG and PDF plotter, exporting to BMP, WMF etc.; enable drawing to be reused by other applications; eTransmit improves collaboration.


ZWCAD is a highly cost effective CAD solution with established recognition. See why you should choose it.

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Greater Flexibility for Text

AutomaticFraction Stacking

ZWCAD 2012 allows you to stack factions in mtext. In addition, you can define the stack style.

More Formats for Text Heights

More text height formats are acceptable in text style definition, such as architectural, engineering, and scientific.

Larger Selection of Currency Symbols for Tables

A variety of currency symbols are now available for tables. Choose custom table cell format, and then choose the currency symbol you need.

Vietnamese is Supported

You can now run ZWCAD 2012 in the Vietnamese language.

Quick Block Insert


Block Units Available

The units of blocks are now reported by the Insert Block dialog box. This gives you a clear idea about the scale of the block which you are going to insert.

Simplify the Steps for Block Insert from Tool Palettes

Unnecessary steps for inserting blocks from theTool palettes. have been removed. In addition, you can now specify whether you want to insert blocks directly, or insert them after specifying a scale factor and rotationangle.

Dimension Line Breaks

Use any object to break dimension lines automatically, or break the dimension line at any point manually. Despite the gap making the line look broken, the dimension is still a whole. And same command also removes breaks from dimension lines.

More Powerful Dimensioning


Fields Allowed in Multi-leaders

You can now insert fieldsinto the text of multiline leaders.

Dimensioning Regions

ZWCAD allows you to add dimensions to region objects.

More Convenient Plotting

PDF Virtual Printer Added

The PDF virtual printer is now part of the plotter list in 'plot-model' and 'page setup.' This means that you no longer need to add it manually.

Easier Publishing

A predefined page setup can be applied to any drawing to be published. Multiple drawings and layouts can be published to a multi-page DWF file or plotter.

More Commands and Shortcuts



The Btrim command allows you to trim blocks. Elements within the block can be used as cutting boundaries for trim operations.


The Gradient command is added to ZWCAD 2012. Its icon can be found in the Draw toolbar.

Easier Access to Visual Styles

A shortcut to visual styles is added to the menu and the toolbar so that you can access it more quickly.



ECW Format Supported

ZWCAD 2012 now supports ECW files, a format that is used widely in aerial mapping.

Expanded File Comparison

The file comparison feature is enhanced. It now compares the differences between blocks, attributes, and text.

ZWCAD Offers Excellent Compatibility and Stability

Full Support for DWG

ZWCAD's drawing files are based on the world-standard .dwg format. This means that you can open, edit, and save .dwg files from any version -- without conversion or data loss -- all the way back to version 2.5 and right up today's 2012. In addition, ZWCAD supports related formats, such as .dxf (interchange), .dwf (web), and .dwt (template).

Compatible with Mainstream CAD Platforms

ZWCAD has seamless integration with Microsoft® Windows®. Its Windows-style user interface arranges menus, toolbars, the command line, and dialog boxes in a way that is familiar to Windows users. This lets Windows users begin working with ZWCAD immediately.

Runs Smoothly on Any Windows OS

ZWCAD has seamless integration with Microsoft® Windows®, and so it runs smoothly on every release of the Windows operating system.

Friendly User Interface

The Windows-style user interface of ZWCAD arranges the menus, toolbars, command line, and dialog boxes in a way that is familiar to Windows users. This lets you begin working with ZWCAD right away.A row of tabs, like the one found in Microsoft Office 2007 and later, makes it easy to switch between open drawings.

More importantly,ZWCAD offers a working environment almost identical to AutoCAD, including similar command names, aliases, and mouse operations. Any AutoCAD user will find ZWCAD's interface to be familiar and comfortable with which to work.

In addition, ZWCAD imports and exports the.mnu, .mns, and .pgp files that define menus, toolbars, and aliases. This means you can transfer your program customisations to ZWCAD.

Conceptualise Your Designs Easily


ZWCAD providesa wide number of foundational drafting tools to help you easily conceptualise your ideas as drawings. Included are 2D and 3D drawing and editing tools for creating and modifying many kinds of objects.

Draft and Detail Efficiently

Smart Tools for Quick Drafting

Multi-line readers

Sometimes you need different types of leaders, or even different kinds of arrowheads for the same callout. With the multiple-line leader function, you can customise the leader style, and then create more than one leader at a time.


Sometimes you need to update textual information in drawings. This painstaking task is solved with the field function. It updates information for you automatically.

Breaking Dimension Lines

Dimension lines inevitably cross with other objects. To make drawings more clear, the dimension break function breaks dimension lines where they cross other lines -- without splitting the lines. This means that broken dimension lines are still easy to adjust.


When you need to find differences between two similar-looking drawings, the filecompare function helps you do this. It highlights differences by colour coding changed objects, blocks, and even external references.You can customize the comparison settings, such as colours and filters.

Solid Profiles

The solid profiles feature creates profiles of 3D solids with ease. You can specify 2D and 3D profiles. Hidden and visible lines are placed onto different layers automatically.

Dynamic Prompt

The dynamic prompt interface displays related command names at the cursor. Both new and experienced users will find the alphabetical list of command names useful, because it reduces the time to remember and input commands.

Efficient Tools for Precise Drafting

Parametric and Constraints

The parametric and constraints functions are powerful tools that enable you to create and modify families of objects in remarkably quick time, as compared with traditional redrawing in CAD. When you make a modification to a family of parametric objects, the action affects and drives the related objects by changing them together. Parametric and constraints ensure the objects always maintain their shape and/or measurements.


The table feature lets you easily create neat and beautiful tables just in a single step; there is no need to draw cells from lines to form tables manually. In-place editing allows you to edit the contents of table cells, just as if you were working in Microsoft Excel. In addition,tables can export and import data files to and from Excel spreadsheets.

Object Snap

The object snap function helps you draw and edit to geometric features accurately. In ZWCAD 2012, the speed and accuracy of object snaps are improved greatly, especially for large drawings.

Aerial View

Pan and zoom large drawings quickly with the handy aerial view window, which displays the entire drawing all the time, thereby helping you locate any zoomed-in location immediately.

Sharing Resources for Improving Productivity


The block function turns multiple objects into one, allowing you to standardize drawing components. This means that you can reuse them in other drawings.

In addition, data can be embedded in blocks. Known as attributes, the data can consist of any kind of textual information, such as inventory numbers, prices, and multi-line detailed descriptions.

External References

The external references function provides a more efficient way of sharing and reusing drawings. You can insert entire .dwgfiles into drawings; these are known as "external references"or "xrefs" for short. The child xref can be inserted into multiple host drawings, and then be synchronized any time the xref changes. Inserting xrefs does not increase the size of the host drawing by very much.

Raster images

Attaching raster images to your drawings better shows off your designs, ZWCAD supports numerous image formats, including BMP, TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, and TGA. New in ZWCAD 2012 is support for ECW, a format used in mapping.

OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)

Linking and embedding objects into drawings enables you to take full advantage of placing data from other applications. You can insert movie clips, spreadsheets, documents, and just about any other kind of data into drawings.

Management Data for Convenient Manipulation

Design Center

The Design Center function allows you to search and access any CAD resource stored on your computer -- even on other computers on the local network. It helps you to insert content into the current drawing, such as dimension styles, blocks, text styles, line types, and even layers from other drawings.

Tool Palettes

The Tool Palettes function provides an efficient way to organize, share, and store "tools," such as blocks, hatch patterns, entities, and even content from third-party developers.

Managing Layers

Layers are used to standardize the content of drawings. By changing the properties of layers with the Layer Properties Manager, you effortlessly control how objects are displayed and plotted. Layers simplify the visual complexity of drawings, thereby clarifying the structure.

Additional Ways of Communicating Drawings


Plotting and Batch Plotting

You can plot drawings to files or to paper. Multiple options are available to fine-tune the result, such as specifying the paper size, setting the plot scale, selecting a plot style, or adding plot stamps. In addition, you can plot an entire list of .plt files in a single session using the batch plot facility. This greatly saves time, especially when you reuse the .plt files another time.

PublishingDrawing Sets

The publish function outputs one or more drawings to DWF format or to plotters. If necessary, each drawing can be plotted on a different sheet, through the use of page setups. You specify "sheet sets," and then choose to publish one or many sheets. DWF is a safe and quick way to share your drawings with others..

Exporting Drawings

The export function helps you communicate drawing information with other applications. Drawings can be exported to formats that include BMP, WMF, EMF, SVG, EPS, PDF, and SAT. It is very useful in thatyou can combine drawings with files from other applications, such as Word, Excel, and Photoshop.


The eTransmit function is designed to easily share drawings by email. With a click, it collects the drawing and all associated files into a single package. The package includes the images, fonts, and external references used by the drawing. It is a convenient way for communicating with others, or just moving your drawings to another computer.


Realistic renderings of 3D models produce more convincing presentations to clients than do 2D drawings. ZWCAD provides a rich variety of materials, multiple light types, and environmental settings to generate renderings. It is a good way to show off your design vision, and to verify it with others.

Programming on ZWCAD


ZWCAD provides several convenient and powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) at no extra charge. These include LISP (similar to AutoLISP), VBA (available in Professional edition only), SDS (similar to ADS), and ZRX (ZWCAD Runtime Extension, which is similar to ARX). With these APIs, you can develop vertical applications and migrate existing applications to ZWCAD. They let you customise ZWCAD to your specific needs, while at the same time accelerating your design processes.

Why ZWCAD is Your Optimal Choice?

Today, ZWCAD is popular with more than 180,000 users in over 80 countries. It is available in 15 languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.

1. Affordable price

The closest AutoCAD® experience and functionalities only at around one-fifth (1/5th) of its price.

2. Easy to learn and use with friendly user interface

The Windows-style user interface of ZWCAD arranges the menus, toolbars, command line, and dialog boxes in a way that is familiar to Windows users. This lets you begin working with ZWCAD right away with no re-learning cost.

3. Powerful drafting & detailing tools

  • Use common drafting tools, such as Layer, Dimension, Snap and Trim;
  • Employ advanced tools, such as Parametric Drawing, Design Center, Tool Palettes, and MLeaders;
  • Access useful 3D modelling and editing functions, and powerful renderings that create realistic visuals.

4. Easy file sharing

  • Save drawings in native .dwg and DXF format;
  • Export and plot drawings to PDF, DWF , JPEG, PNG and other popular formats.

5. Better APIs

  • Employ compatible APIs (application programming interfaces) through LISP, VBA, ZRX and SDS;
  • Migrate existing application to ZWCAD in just a few steps;
  • Run more than 80 applications on ZWCAD, with more coming soon.

6. Strong investment in product development

Our offices located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, and Melbourne, and are staffed with some 400 people, of which 150 are technical and R&D engineers dedicated to working on CAD/CAM solutions for users.

7. Large customer base

Reliable and Stable, ZWCAD is mature 2D and 3D CAD software that has been developed and enhanced for over 10 years by Autocad/CAD veterans who have been in CAD business for over 20 years.

8. Free 5-star service

More than 200,000 happy and productive ZWCAD users across the world in Americas, Europe, and Asia. Supported by 360+ employees, 100 developers, and 70 partners.

9. Available in 15 languages and local support in over 80 countries

ZWCAD is available in 15 languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

10. FREE full-function 30-day trial

FREE full-function 30-day trial. Download now and see it for yourself.

ZWCAD Helps Clients Achieve Their Design Goals

More than 180,000 clients worldwide use our solutions, and so benefit from generating great business value.They find that not only do they save on costs, but that their productivity increases.

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