Compumod Analysis assists Perth Mint cast record breaking 1 Tonne Gold Coin.

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01 November, 2011

Compumod is pleased to announce that its Finite Element computer simulation has been used to assist in the design and planning of the recently unveiled record breaking One tonne gold coin cast by The Perth Mint. Weighing a massive one tonne of 99.99% pure gold, the monumental coin measures nearly 80cms wide and more than 12cms deep.

99.9% Gold Cast Coin

Prior to the casting Compumod was engaged by The Perth Mint to create a computer simulation of the planned pour in order to assess the mould and mould fixture's integrity to ensure they did not deflect to a point whereby the critical dimensions of the coin were affected.

Compumod undertook this work using MSC Marc software from MSC Software. This software enabled Compumod to undertake a Non-Linear Transient Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the pour. Once completed, Compumod was then able to accurately predict temperature distributions and deflections of the mould and mould insert during the pouring of the 1,000 kg of 1,300 deg C molten gold into the mould.

Gold Cast Coin Mould and Mould Fixture

Peter Brand, Technical Director of Compumod said, "At Compumod we have undertaken many interesting types of projects but this was definitely a one off! Due to the amount of gold being poured and its temperature, we had issues not just with the heat transfer and the variation in material properties of the mould and insert, but also the hydrostatic pressure of the gold itself in the mould. I am pleased to say that our analysis confirmed that the as designed mould and inserts were up to the task and we are proud to have been in a small way associated with this record breaking casting."

"I engaged Compumod for this task as we had never before cast such a large coin and were concerned about the adverse effects of the forces and temperatures involved in 1 Tonne of molten gold. Compumod's results assisted to re-assure us that the design we had commissioned for the mould and inserts was up to the task and would produce the high quality gold coin we have today."





Phillip Kruger
Services Manager
The Perth Mint

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the creation of the coin can be seen at 1tonnegoldcoin.com or youtube.com/user/perthmintbullion.

About The Perth Mint
The Perth Mint is operated by Gold Corporation, a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia, the Mint's owner. The Mint has specialised in the production of precious metal coins since 1899, when they began making Australian version of the famous British gold sovereigns. In 1986, they became the home of the Australian Precious Metals Coin Program. Since that time, they have produced Australia's official gold bullion coins and silver bullion coins on behalf of the Australian Commonwealth Government. As the owner of Australia's only gold refinery, the Mint refine almost all the gold mined in Australia, one of the largest producers in the world.  The Mint is accredited as a refiner, weight master and assayer with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX), the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre (DMCC), and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).


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