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Engineering Business Fundamentals

Course Title: Engineering Business Fundamentals

(aka "Management in a Day")

This course (previously run for the University of Sydney CCE) is a one day intensive overview of business fundamentals. Students will leave the day with a thorough understanding of business processes and what is necessary to make a business run well.

The Management in a Day training program is broken into four sections with the following topics being covered:

Budgeting and Cash Flow

  • Pricing models and price elasticity

  • Creating business budgets

  • What is a cash flow?

  • Forecasting and managing cash flow

  • Return on Investment

  • Benchmarking

Business Operations

  • The Trade Practices and Privacy Acts

  • Anatomy of a contract

  • Business operating ratios

  • Accounts receivable strategies

  • Risk management

  • Intellectual Property


  • Effective customer management

  • Interview/meeting strategies

  • Creating and using sales pipelines

  • Managing a sales team


  • What is marketing

  • The sales value proposition

  • Product lifecycles

  • Pricing strategies


"A great return on investment for business owners and managers."

"I learned a lot today and as well a lot of things I already knew fell into place"

"An excellent outcome for a one day commitment"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the way in which it was presented"

"The presenter's down to earth style, practical approach and industry experience makes his courses a must for anyone how needs to know the essentials of how a business operates"

“Management in a Day was an excellent introduction to the train of thought, work practices, motivation and professionalism needed to operate a successful business on an ethical level."

"I found the course to be worthwhile and informative"


  • 1 Day


  • None