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MSC Marc Advanced Training Course Detail

Course Title: (MAR102) Seminar Class:

Marc Mentat Advanced

The purpose of this course is to enhance the current Marc user's understanding of modeling nonlinear
problems with emphasis on contact by lectures and hands on modeling of nonlinear contact problems.


  • Contact Analysis
  • Definition of contact bodies
  • Contact and friction
  • Some additional contact options
  • Implementation of contact constraints
  • Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis
  • Nonlinear Material Behavior
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Dynamics
  • Workshop Problems
  • Break Forming
  • Super Plastic Forming
  • Interference Fit
  • Dynamics with Friction Heating
  • Transient Cantilever Beam



  • 3 Days


  • A basic knowledge of statics and strength of materials is highly recommended

  • Previous finite element analysis experience is recommended

  • Completion of Marc Mentat Introductory Course is recommended