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MSC.Patran Training Course Detail

Course Title: (PAT301) Seminar Class:

Computer Based Modeling for Design and Analysis with Patran

PAT301 is the introductory course for new Patran users. Students will master the basic skills required to
use Patran in typical MCAE applications. PAT301 emphasizes practical skills development through comprehensive, hands-on laboratory sessions. Students will learn to build analysis models using Patran,
define material properties, create boundary conditions, apply loads, and submit their job for analysis and postprocess results.


  • Take a model through the complete design and analysis cycle

  • Import CAD geometry and use it to create new geometry in Patran

  • Learn graphics manipulation, imaging, and viewing techniques

  • Practice using the different meshing techniques: isomesher, paver, and tetmesher

  • Verify your finite element model

  • Apply loads and boundary conditions

  • Learn advanced techniques:

  • Apply distributed pressure loads

  • Vary thicknesses

  • Use groups and lists to filter and group entities

  • Submit analysis

  • View and manipulate results



  • 5 Days


  • A basic knowledge of statics and strength of materials is recommended